Volkswagen regained the first position in the top of the best-selling manufacturer in Europe, and the Golf is again the best-selling model in Europe, after having been overtaken by Ford with Fiesta model.

VW Golf

Volkswagen, best-selling mass manufacturer at European level, returned in the top of the sales after being ousted for a month by Ford and his Fiesta. The difference between Ford and Volkswagen sales were 1298 units in March, Ford managed to hold the rule in 27 European countries with 168,611 units, while the Volkswagen sold 167,313 units during the same period.

Ford’s sales were hit by the closure of programs for scrapping in Europe, demand rose sharply for the Fiesta in Europe and the rest of Britain. Market in Britain is the biggest market for those at Ford and was the largest auto market Europe in March, defeating the Germans, the “traditional” leaders of this ranking, led by their own Volkswagen Golf – best-selling compact in Europe. In April 2010, Germany was again the largest car market in Europe.