It looks mean and it shows no fear. It’s equipped with the second generation of twin-turbo, direct fuel-injected 3.5l Ecoboost, paired with a brand new 10 speed automatic transmission.

It’s new heart replaces and outperforms the old V8 engine which was a real beast: a 6.2l displacement producing 411hp and 434 lb.-ft. of torque in conjunction with a 6 gear automatic transmission. And because power is nothing without control, the 2017 model has a new transfer case. It varies the power ratio between front and rear axle, combining a benefits of a clutch with those of mechanical-locking 4WD. However, it is some electronics involved in here: Terrain Management System helps the driver choose the optimum settings to match driving conditions.

There are six dynamics preset modes available: Normal mode (an all-rounder), Street mode (for better performance on road), Weather mode (for slippery on-road conditions), Mud and sand mode (for the off-road, low grip surfaces), Baja mode (for best dynamics on desert runs) and Rock mode (for the most difficult low-speed climbs). Add the better running clearance and a brand new redesigned suspension and we might look at a winner here. The new internal bypass technology of the 3.0-inch FOX Racing Shox varies the damping rates depending on each wheel travel to ensure excellent performance on flat and bumpy surfaces.

Based on the rules of the stock off-road racing, the engine, transmission, most of the suspension and direction systems must be similar to the stock model. Yet, the dumpers may be optimized for desert conditions and the springs can be replaced with taller ones. Safety features, like roll-cage and race seats must be fitted in order to compete in stock-class.