As the weather starts to close in you may be wondering how to fit your car back into the garage. During the summer months many people decorate and improve their homes and most of the excess rubbish and household items end up in the garage waiting to be sold or go to the tip.

Here are 3 ways to reclaim your garage to store your car in the cold nights ahead.

1. Pack up and reduce anything you are keeping.

Take stock of what you are keeping, and separate this from the rubbish. Reduce and repackage anything which is valuable and anything you think you may need in the future. Everything else can be binned. Your precious items can come back in the house, so make room for them.

2. Remove all your rubbish.

Get rid of anything you do not need or have not used in 12 months or so. This is just taking up room which can be used for useful items and to give you your space back for storing your pride and joy. Make sure you recycle anything that can be recycled, and sell anything which can be sold. Use eBay or Amazon to do this, it is easy to set up and account, and you can earn extra money – you can use this to throw a Halloween party or save up for the Festive Season ahead.

3. Use Self Storage

You can use a self-storage facility to store anything you want to keep but have no room for in your house or garage. Companies like Safestore can securely store your stuff, with the added piece of mind of 24/7 security. You can also access your storage unit 24/7 too, making it extremely convenient.

So, follow these steps and in no time, you will have the space to secure your pride and joy once again. For more information on Self Storage and please visit