We know that from time to time, there is a sports car which catches fire, and this week’s model is a Jaguar F-Type. We’ve seen several Ferrari models having this issue but now, the British folks at Jaguar face this difficult situation.

According to the driver, he was riding on a highway in Herentals, Belgium, while he noticed smoke coming from the engine.

Jaguar F-Type caught fire
Jaguar F-Type caught fire

This is when the driver took the good decision to pull over as, the whole car caught fire immediately, as you can see in the photo.

Fortunately, the driver escaped without injuries but his new ride is certainly gone forever. Jaguar took notice of this incident and sent someone to investigate this.

Very likely, the company will provide official details and explanations as we talk about a new model in the range and this incident is certainly not a good thing for the company.