Ford Ranger is an exceptional pickup truck with exquisite off-road and all-terrain features, just the way Australian customers generally prefer, but there are also ways of making it even more outstanding with the help of aftermarket specialists.

We are looking here at new tuning project carried out on this gorgeous Ford Ranger, the pickup truck receiving some aftermarket goodies from Tickford tuner, which is a custom tuner that deals with Ford customizations.

This one seen here has received some important mechanics as well as a power boost under the hood. The first outstanding things that can be seen at the exterior, refer to the new exhaust system with dual tips with carbon fiber finish.

The car`s most important highlights is the new power boost. Australian customer can have the 3.2-liter turbo-diesel flat-five upgraded with 228 horsepower, and 560 Nm of torque, which is an increase of 10 percent more than the present model.

The tuner also allows for additional customizations available for extra costs. For instance, the Bilstein dumpers cost $4,530, while the new dampers can add another $1,285.

In case you own a Ford Ranger in its latest generation and want this fine package, then you should know that the tuner is located in Melbourne, and can install the upgrades on your Range for a total of $7,995, which is a significant amount of money to the car`s stock $21,135 market value.