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It is not the first time that the Kia Stinger has entered the U.S market. The luxury sports car was introduced back in 2018 and it was a decent hit but now the Korean company is looking to make an even powerful impact on the community there....

By Fakhir Ali on Feb 23rd, 2021
Nissan Kicks

The 2021 Nissan Kick has earned a redesign that has also bumped up its price by a few hundred dollars. Initially, the company only released the price for the base model but now the costing for all the other trims has been revealed. The cheapest...

By Fakhir Ali on Feb 7th, 2021
A Rivian R1S

Startups have completely changed the market dynamics. The effect of the small new companies is such that established manufacturers have been finding it hard to compete with them. Companies like Toyota, Porsche, and even Tesla have a strong base,...

By Fakhir Ali on Feb 7th, 2021
New Porsche Teased

  If you have heard about Porsche you must have heard about the 911. It is the German company’s most successful vehicle being in the business for more than 55 years. After the blinding accomplishments of the 911, Porsche decided that...

By Fakhir Ali on Feb 7th, 2021