It’s waiting for you at Geneva and it’s the most luxurious Volvo ever. It’s so exclusive, that only a limited series will be built and sold exclusively online, via the factory’s site. It’s the Volvo XC90 Excellence.

It only has four seats, so if you want to give a ride to your wife, your two kids and your mother-in-law, forget it! On the other hand, if you intend to climb the Mont Blank surrounded by hand-crafted crystal glasses and lots of finest leather upholstery, then it’s your car! More, the passengers will appreciate the individual and adjustable rear seats, which will massage them while the air suspension will keep the champagne inside the crystal glasses. Or, if they’re coffee fans, they can keep it warm in the cupholders, thanks to the heating (or cooling) feature.

The driver must carefully push the accelerator, because the 410 hp of the T8 hybrid powertrain are a big danger for the passengers’ wellbeing. So, the Excellence version is all about luxury, calm and comfort, also provided by the near-perfection sound insulation and the Bowers & Wilkins concert hall-like sound. If you live in France, Switzerland, Belgium or Luxembourg, you can order it after you finish reading this article. If you’re from China or US, you’ll have to wait several months to buy one. Everybody else will have to wait until Volvo decides which other countries are on the list.

So, why only online? Because digitalization became Volvo’s most important commitment. From the keyless cars, to some of the most advanced connectivity and driver assistance systems, the Swedish are on top of the carmakers list.