Romanian car maker Dacia has been featured quite prominently in recent news, and yet again the cheap manufacturer found itself the center of attention.

In a recent AutoBild magazine article, a Dacia minicar was rumored, but recent official statements disproved that rumor.

Dacia Logo
Dacia Logo

AutoBild said that come 2015, Dacia would expand its car line-up even more with the addition of a five-door minicar to compete against the Volkswagen Up! or Fiat Panda. Bearing a price tag of around 5.000 EUR, this rumored car would ride on the Renault Twingo’s platform and feature a bit more space than its rivals.

In a recent statement Carlos Tavares dismissed these rumors, saying that “what I want to avoid is to have too many cars”. “We need to be communicating the brand rather than fragmenting our marketing dollars on too many models. Dacia’s brand awareness is still quite low.”

And while the brand has seen impressive sales where it went, Dacia is yet to be know by the masses, but when that changes, we can start hoping for more models.