Scenario: if you’re 85, what would it be the best way to attract the 70 years old ladies? By riding the fastest mobility-scooter in the world!

Smile largely, with all your denture, put the eyeglasses on, start your 600cc Suzuki Bandit engine, hold your handlebar like a pro and accelerate as fast as you can over ¼ of a mile. If you do it on the Isle of Man, the Mecca of race bikers, than you’re the (old) man! Anyway, it’s not David Anderson’s case, but could be in 40 years from now. He managed to ride the fastest mobility scooter in the world, and now it’s official: The Guinness Book of Records homologated his 173,16 km/h record.

If you think it’s easy, just look at the video to see how difficult is to control such a vehicle at these speeds. And yes, you’re right: the only thing reminding of the original mobility scooter is the outer shell. The chassis comes from a go kart and ensures the stiffness required by the engine’s almost 80 horses. However, this doesn’t infringe the regulations, as they clearly specify that the engine may be replaced while the outside must appear like a traditional mobility-scooter. The original scooter wheels were rated at 8mph, so they had to be replaced with those from the go-kart.

There’s a possibility to register it for road use, but only after they fit front brakes. After that, they can add a second seat to give old ladies some rides to the geriatrics.