When you think of Tesla, you don’t necessarily think of transporting goods with big trucks. In fact, you think of small, sporty, electric vehicles designed to go fast and be friends with the environment. As it happens, Tesla is also producing electric trucks. Being at a time where the past, present and future of the automotive industry come together, FedEx, the transport and logistics company has decided to purchase 20 Tesla trucks. FedEx is making a statement regarding the protection for the environment, while also modernizing its transport fleet.

It will be interesting o see how Tesla’s trucks will handle transporting goods for FedEx. It is important for transport companies and companies in general to move towards completely electric solutions. This will contribute to the reduction of pollution. This is what most would call investing in the future. By ordering these electric trucks, FedEx has also helped Tesla gain the necessary funds to further develop its technology. In the end, it might be FedEx that will profit from Tesla’s future development.

The idea of having things delivered with environmentally friendly trucks is quite interesting. This new approach should also help lower the prices of the transported goods. In fact, the advantages of adopting electric trucks over the classic fuel based ones are quite a lot. FedEx is one of the first transport companies to move in this direction. We’ll have to see if other big companies will follow this example. The whole problem here is profitability. Companies are not yet convinced of how profitable electric vehicles are. In theory, electric vehicles should be the best choice. Until we have precise examples of how efficient electric vehicles are for transporting goods, things will most likely move slowly in this area.

No matter how you look at this situation, the fact that Tesla decided to choose to upgrade a part of its transport fleet with electric trucks is definitely a step forward for the transport industry. There is a good chance that by doing this FedEx will give an example to other undecided companies. At this point, we can only wait to see how and when this mechanism will start to work. The automotive industry is clearly heading for a big change. This change is the result of a new view on the technology used in vehicles, but also of companies like FedEx that are constantly looking for ways to improve services and profitability through innovation.