If you think the Z06 model of Chevrolet Corvette was amazing, wait until you see the visual and technical improvements Geigel made on it.

Apparently, Z06 Corvette was nominated as the world’s most affordable supercar. However, it a little weird because the model really doesn’t have flaws to be ashamed of, which should make it more expensive.

Corvette Z06 comes with a 730 horsepower engine. Moreover, the American car specialist Geigel improved the V8 6.2 litre up to 730Hp and 944Nm of torque. He also makes turbulences feel less disturbing due to the flaps on the edges and under the very front bumper, there is even an undertray available.

The truth is Geigel really did everything you could have possibly done to this car. Whether you go to work, you take your wife on a vacation to Thailand or you want to race on the track, Corvette Z06 can do them all – at a great performance thanks to the improved aerodynamic shape of the whole car.

Even Alterman admits, “One of the interesting things about the Z06 is it proves the car with the highest top speed is not necessarily the fastest car around a race track. The McLaren (top speed: 204 mph), for example, was faster on the straights, but the Z06 with more downforce and grip just dominated on the more technical parts of the track.”