Rumors come in all forms and from all over the place. And while some are clearly a result of a wild imagination, some have some backing, and makes you think if they are possible.

Recently, an interesting rumor has taken shape from the car maker Honda, and if it should prove to be true, we can expect a new entry-level roadster.


Affordable and lightweight might be the key words when describing this new rumored model, being a successor to the Honda S2000. Under the hood, they will place a 1.3 or 1.5 liter VTEC engine, with the odds in favor of the 1.5 VTEC found on the Honda Fit model.

With a power output of 132 Hp, this would be great, as the entry level roadster is estimated to weight somewhere under a ton. And how much will one have to pay for this imaginary roadster from Honda? The same source places the price close to 20.000 USD.

Bottom line is, is this ever going to happen and how accurate are the numbers encased in the rumor?