If you are like most Gladiator owners, you’ve been waiting for years to have an official pickup based on the Wrangler and Jeep has finally delivered. Of course, that hype also led to some fairly steep prices. So, you may be hoping to save a little money at the pump. The good news is that a few simple changes, such as performance , can help you get more for your money.

Change Your Driving

Before you make upgrades to your vehicle, think about changing your driving a little. While it is hard to be totally fuel-efficient while off-roading, you can almost certainly make some improvements on the road. Try to avoid hard braking or accelerating.

Additionally, use overdrive if you have the automatic transmission. If you opted for manual, try to keep your RPM low by shifting up gears when possible. This will help you keep your fuel efficiency higher. Similarly, keeping your tires at optimal inflation is beneficial. While deflating a little can help with some off-road situations, this is not a good idea when you are on the road.

Upgrade Your Exhaust

Airflow through your engine is a major factor in fuel efficiency. So, you need to have a great exhaust system that can get air out of the engine. Getting a performance system from one of the options on the market is a great way to enhance efficiency.

A full or cat-back exhaust system will deliver that boost in fuel efficiency you’ve been looking for. Better yet, it will offer a few extra horsepower and torque. So, you will have an easier time towing and taking on more challenging trails. You’ll even get to enjoy a more satisfying sound from your truck.

On many vehicles, the catalytic converter is one of the most airflow-inhibiting parts of the exhaust system. Switching to a high-flow alternative can be a major upgrade for your Jeep Gladiator.

Improved Air Intake

For similar reasons, upgrading your air intake can also improve efficiency. This is even more pronounced if you switch to a cold-air intake. For a Jeep Gladiator, you may consider opting for a snorkel system to suck in cold air from above the engine bay. This will help you maintain optimal airflow even when you are fording water.

Make sure to switch your air filter regularly. These can become clogged and dramatically reduce fuel efficiency. This is especially pronounced if you take your Gladiator on dusty trials. Consider opting for a washable air filter so you don’t have to keep buying a new one. Maximizing your airflow can help you keep your fuel efficiency as optimal as possible.

Get Started

These tips will help you save money at the pump with your Jeep Gladiator. Of course, the same ideas can be applied to other vehicles too. For example, you may get a to improve the efficiency or your two-wheeled ride. Get started making some changes today. You will be glad you did the next time you roll your Gladiator into a gas station.