Subaru has come up with some fine updates for its EyeSight vehicle safety syste, which will be available for all the 2015 lineup.

In case you don`t know EyeSight, it is a system of cameras enhanced in the car and that can monitor any activity on the road. In terms of safety performance, the EyeSight system was well received by its customers.

The new updated version enhances a lot of features like color stereo cameras with wider and longer detection range and brake light detection.

2015 Subaru`s Updated EyeSight
2015 Subaru`s Updated EyeSight

The system is fully operational when the speed differential between the EyeSight system and another vehicle is up to 30 mph, which is considerable higher from the previous 19 mph.

The systems works very easily, as the information is passed from the cameras to the EyeSight computer being connected to the breaking system of the car and the electronic throttle control.

The EyeSight will manage to stop the car at speeds under 30 mph if an obstacle is detected, by integrating adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning and pre-collision braking.

In the future, all new Subarus will receive, apart from the EyeSight being positioned in the front, other systems that would monitor the roads in all other directions.