If you don’t know how a future SUV sounds with a powerful Hellcat engine, then have a look at the spy video below with the future Jeep Grand Cherokee “Trackhawk” getting spied while undergoing some road tests with a massive V8 under the hood.

And this my friends will make it the most powerful SUV in the world. Once it will arrive next year, the SUV in question will be using a massive Hellcat engine which will place is right above the 6.4 HEMI SRT, meaning lots of power, with around 500 kW on board.

However, before its arrival, Cherokee has hinted at the idea that there would be a pre-production model of the Trackhawk, set to come with a detuned engine and power. And the video below might preview our model in question.

Even so, by watching the video, you can hear the “quiet” sound of a supercharger engine, denoting lots of power and torque. According to rumors, this lad here would come with power between 400-450 kW, being sent to all wheels, and not to the front, as most of the Hellcat versions. With the new power, the SUV will be able to sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in a mind-blowing 3.6 seconds, which is fantastic.

The SUV`s sporting features will have effect on the interior as well, the cabin presuming coming with a roll cage as well, which manufacturers use when a muscle car is usually involved.

Besides the raw power and sporty interior, the Trackhawk is also said to come with a lot of mechanics, like massive Brembo brakes, the same found on the Charger and Challenger, wide alloys and tires, as well as more performance suspension system, which will improve the car`s handling and driving capabilities.