Mercedes goes electric. And since a word means way less than a fact, they start an electric drive campaign from the management.

You’re a Mercedes manager? Probably not, but if you were, you’d have to prepare yourself to drive an electric car. Or, to be more specific, a plug-in hybrid. Anyway, it’s practically the same thing, as they’ll drive them mostly in electric mode, in order to achieve zero-emission. It is very important for the German brand to lower the CO2 emissions, so they plan to expand their plug-in hybrid vehicle range. They already presented some PHEV and they are about to introduce them on the market (or already did): C 350 e, E 350 e, S 500 e, GLC 350e 4Matic and GLE 500 e 4Matic.

It isn’t the first project of this kind for Mercedes. Since the last April, in Stuttgart region, a few B 250 battery electric powered are driven by Mercedes managers. They are happy with the electric powered cars’ everyday drivability, especially due to the silent electric motor and the impressively even torque, which makes them very sporty.

The plug-in car owners developed the habit of charging the batteries whenever the car is parked for a long period of time: either at home or at work. This way, they get rid of the problem of searching charging points in their routes. Being aware of it, Mercedes built 556 charging points in the company locations. More, in the immediate future the company will invest other 30 million euro to extend this charging network. Since October 2013, the employees are encouraged to use company’s electric cars, for both work and personal interest. The success is obvious: in 18 months, the total distance covered by the employees with zero emissions is equal to 40 trips around the world!