There have been situations where carmakers considered building specific models after artists created renderings or sketches showing the potential of that car.

This time, X-Tomi Design released a rendering for the Audi A3 Coupe. The German model is already offered in hatchback, sedan and convertible forms but a Coupe version wasn’t planned yet.

Audi A3 Coupe rendering
Audi A3 Coupe rendering

With this occasion, we also get a better idea of how an A3 Coupe would look like. We are sure that there could be a market for such a model, mainly for the younger customers looking for a sportier A3, at least in terms of looks.

If Audi will consider building the A3 Coupe, engine options will be borrowed from the rest of the range, therefore, we expect petrol units with outputs ranging from 140hp to 180hp as well as a diesel unit with 150 horses.

Except the fewer doors, the Audi A3 Coupe is identically to the sedan model, as you would expect.