2009 marked the end of a car popularized by a fierce front end and futuristic pod – the Nissan 350Z. A true landmark in the world of sports cars, the 350Z, or Z33, gave consumers an affordable high-performance vehicle straight from space. Although many details have been refined in the 370Z (and some lost in the wind), it’s predecessor remains an enduring value with historic oomph – a fact unfortunately marred by a long list of dead drivers.

Yes, the car’s unsafe. You’re here to know why owners continue to nod to Nissan, and why you shouldn’t care about such details at the dealership. For starters, you receive maximum enjoyment from cost-effective performance results. Snatch a Nissan 350Z for sale and experience:

The 3.5L V6

If you never heard the word, Nissan’s VQ35 V6 received a few mind-altering adjustments before 370Zs took the torch. Lightweight aluminum and variable valve timing (among other elegant no-brainers) ramped horsepower and torque, but with a reasonable effect on fuel economy. That’s 306 horses and 268 lb.-ft. of torque with 24 highway miles per gallon. Bump it over 2,000 rpm to feel a perkiness unlike anything in a Mustang V6. Bonus: any stock ’09 Nissan 350Z for sale carries the same powertrain (in a generous spirit, Nissan threw the bad boy V6 in every trim). “Innovation that excites,” indeed.

Nissan 350Z Engine

Comfort, Control and Optimal Functionality

It was built to go. And “go” you can, with an immediacy seemingly fine-tuned to your personal driving style. Here, I’ll emphasize that 350Zs remain a great high-performance car to own for features supporting its natural power and pep, i.e. features other than the enhanced V6.

For example, ’09 Grand Touring drivers enjoy Vehicle Dynamic Control and sets of Brembos for flexible restraint on a dime. Combine that with a comfortable, three-spoke steering wheel and an easy-to-read, three-pod gauge unit – two sweets to soften your meaty machine. Nissan doesn’t play about your playtime.

A Quantum Shift in Style

In 2003, lines on a 350Z turned heads still impressed by boxy Mustangs and flattened Corvette body styles. When the strangeness wore off, ownership set in followed by complacency and complaints about cheap interior details. Now, interested buyers accept Nissan’s strategic removal of inessential materials. It’s a “modern classic,” focused and affordable on a public platform with an undeniably attractive exterior.

Nissan 350Z Interior

Cut the air with a crocodile nose and twenty-seconds-to-tuck drop top. Handsome Roadster varieties sport vertical door handles, advanced headlamp and tail lamp options, all easily appreciated next to a cool carbon silver coat on 18-inch wheels.

Own, Enjoy, Appreciate

If you see a Nissan 350Z for sale, preferably one other than hyper-Cali orange, take advantage of the price tag while you sit up straight to drive. Internationally recognized for high-performance driving, the Z still stabs the sports car world – awarded, adorned and pushed into oblivion. On or off the track, you’ll fly in full control, oblivious to low-budget brushed aluminum. Trust me.