Great news for all of you, Nissan owners: from now on, you can bump your car as often as you want! Nissan will replace the damaged bumper in no time.

However, Nissan does not encourage this practice. Therefore, their cars are equipped with some of the most advanced security systems on the market: Forward Emergency Braking, Blind Spot Warning and Around View Monitor. But accidents happen, and if your car’s bumper gets scratched, Nissan have the solution: it will replace it with a new one that was already painted. They made quite a large stock of bumpers for different models and in different colors.

If you own a Note, Juke or Qashqai, consider yourself protected. More, if your car is one of the lately discontinued models then it might be included in the Nissan’s program. There are a total of seven models and 28 different colors, so the chance to miss a car is pretty low. The program refers to both front and rear bumpers, and has two major advantages: the time spent in service for the painting is drastically reduced, and the color matching is guaranteed. This Nissan campaign is not the first of this kind. It was encouraged by the success of the previous one, called Painted Mirror Caps Programme. Since 2012, it offers the same services to the second most exposed plastic elements of the car, the mirror caps.