Porsche’s announcement of a few days ago, promising a new mid-engine creation for the Los Angeles Motor Show has been certified.

Porsche Cayman S
Porsche Cayman S

The fog on the matter cleared up and initial media suspicions have been proven and disproven at the same time.

The new release is going to be based on the Porsche Cayman after all but it’s not going to be called the Porsche Cayman Clubsport.

The new version of the Porsche Cayman will be tagged the R. That said though, the Porsche Cayman R will be pretty much what everybody is expecting from the Clubsport.

The Porsche Cayman R will be a lightweight, hardcore version of the Porsche Cayman S. The R version will feature a new suspension setup, better brakes and a aerodynamically restyled body kit.

Apart from that, it also gets a slightly tuned up engine and better throttle response.

The Los Angels Motor Show should bring the full detail on the Porsche Cayman R and then we’ll be able to talk specs.

I’m betting nobody is going to be disappointed but then, the rumor starters claim that the Porsche Cayman R version will not be the hottest and fastest version the Cayman will see.

That remains to be seen but I’m sort of doubtful.