Lately, there’s a race to build highly connectable cars. Seat became a part of it and alongside Samsung and SAP SE will develop technologies for their future cars.

Samsung plays the role of closing the gap between the cutting-edge mobile technology and the driving experience. One of the first tasks is to deliver a solution to the urban parking challenge, so the SAP will provide the global parking list, while the payments will be secured by Samsung Pay. There’s already known the Samsung Pay platform’s success in USA and Asia. Therefore, in the next few months it’s expected to be launched also in Europe. The Seat owners will be able to benefit over this platform for paying the parking place and the fueling, via the Seat Connect App. The parking place could be reserved from anywhere only using the fingerprint. Then, the navigation system will automatically lead the driver to the parking, while the system will raise the access gate when the car is near it. At the carpark’s exit, the payment will be made via ConnectApp, so it won’t be necessary to step out of the car.

A second application of this collaboration is the Digital Key Sharing. Last year, Seat and Samsung revealed a digital key concept, which allows to unlock and lock the doors, open and close the windows and turn on and off the air conditioning system using a smartphone. This year’s news is that the key can be sent digitally to other person, allowing him to use your car without having a physical key. It’s pretty similar to the Volvo keyless system. It can be set a time limit of availability for the copy, and when the time ends, the copy expires. In the future, the copy could contain a set of parameters which limit the maximum speed or restricts other car functions.