Admittedly the Audi A1 is a premium small car that emits some pretensions and style about it’s appearance. This is not unusual but when doing so, and competing with the Mini and the Fiat 500 it is inevitable that people will want to stand out that bit more.

Senner Tuning Audi A1
Senner Tuning Audi A1

Especially when sales numbers don’t make for exclusive car reading. To this extend it is once again the tuning companies step into play.

Among the first to break in the Audi A1 to the tuning aficionados are the Germans from Senner Tuning. They will ofer quite a few “options” that you won’t find the Ingolstadt price list. For starters, for a mere 899 euros they will mess about with the software of your 1.6 liter TDI A1 and get it to output 140 hp and 310 Nm of torque.

While the extra power may not be that much, in a typical over engineering German fashion they will offer a suspension kit that seriously raises the bar: a KW-thread setup with ascertained adjustment possibilities and this will be connected to some Barracuda Voltec T6 18 inch light alloy wheels garnished with a set of Hankook S1 Evo tires. All of these will set you back 4990 euros.

And if head turning is more likely up your street than you’ll be interested in the right/left stainless steel sport exhaust system with 90 mm exhaust pipes for a measly 899 euros. And while we’re here, why not have a special paint job, it’s only 480 euros.

Senner Tuning Audi A1 Senner Tuning Audi A1