What a sensational film Lexus just released! It gives you the possibility to work with Jude Law, but that’s not all. You have to see it and even more, to be a part of it: it’s as interactive as possible!

Ladies and gentlemen, please step inside the new 2016 Lexus RX. Not like looking detached at a presentation video, but more like immersing yourself in it. Jude Law will be your host and will help you act in this six-minute interactive film. He shows us that a presentation shouldn’t necessarily be formal to transmit information about the car. An artistic vision about the car’s advertise can sometimes be a better way to involve the viewer. And when artists meet technology, the result is astonishing!

So let’s talk also about the technology they used, because this immersive theater production isn’t all about art. In order to achieve such a result, the images have been captured using 80 cameras. More, 25 microphones have been hidden in key-places, while three bespoke car rigs helped the on-road filming. The magic of the film is that it lets the viewer be a star, while still be a part of the production team. All these immersive roles are at a click-distance, because dragging the image in each moment of the film lets you decide the view. Therefore, you become the director or the camera operator that makes team with Jude Law. So, without any other words: ladies and gentlemen, please step inside the “Life RX”!