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Tesla Motors

Not so long ago, Tesla finally revealed their long awaited entry level sedan, which is set to compete with cars like the BMW 3 Series or Mercedes C Class. But what will Tesla do beyond that? Well, in a recent press release, Elon Musk, Tesla...

By Andrei Cristea on Jul 21st, 2014
Tesla Model III

Reports are recently stating that the Tesla Motors North American based carmaker is preparing a new version M III, which is aimed to directly compete against the BMW 3-Series. The Tesla Motors automaker hasn’t made an official statement on...

By Eduard Huma on Jul 17th, 2014
Tesla Motors

Tesla is a very special kind of car maker. It is one of the few that still controls most of its shares, and one that is in a continuous struggle to control the whole process involved. They are already pushing hard to maintain their way of selling...

By Andrei Cristea on Apr 3rd, 2014