Ford developed a new suspension-system for its Fusion. At the beginning, it will be fitted in the V6 Sport version, and it promises to offer a better comfort and handling, while minimize the running costs.

Most of us don’t think that the potholes represent a real problem in the 21st century. However, the studies show that the damages produced by the bad roads raises up to $3 billion each year, only in US! The drivers reported expenses around $300 to repair the damages caused by the potholes. Therefore, Ford decided to resolve this problem in its own way: by fitting a new suspension system, with computer-controlled shock absorbers.

It will be standard on the V6 Sport and, besides the comfort and handling enhancements, it reduces the violent impact between the wheel and the pothole. How exactly does it do it? Mainly, it detects the potholes in real time and it retains the wheel before dropping entirely in the hole. It uses 12 sensors, which send the information to the onboard computers. They process the data and adjust the damper at every two milliseconds. So, when a pothole is detected in front of the wheel, the computer instantly set the damper to its stiffest setting, not permitting the wheel to fall as far as normally. As a result, it doesn’t hit the opposite edge of the pothole with the same violence as in the classic suspension system’s case. The rear wheels are already in alert, so their response is even faster. This feature is active regardless of the program selected: Normal or Sport. The system has been tested over a special track, and it will be ready to save money starting from this summer.