This doesn’t make much sense but it is happening. A unique car, based on one of the most exclusive production rally cars ever seems to be a car of the people.

The Old And New Lancia Stratos
The Old And New Lancia Stratos

I’m talking of course about the revived, modern version of the Lancia Stratos. The new Stratos is putting on a bit of a show revealing a few details all of us petrolheads can sink our teeth into.

Starting with a great solid base that is the Ferrari F430 the Pininfarina engineers behind it shortened the car’s chassis by 20 cm and added an FIA-certified roll cage to deal with the rigidity aspects.

After this and moving the center of gravity forward a bit the famous crew behind Pininfarina came up with technical gimmicks such as adjustable electronic dampers, refitted springs with optimal camber and toe values. All of these suspension components make for contact patches by using a set of 19-inch wheels, covered in Dunlop Sport Maxx tires. Naturally, if you talk handling and cornering speed you will need a great set of brakes. The new Lancia Stratos has those too, a Brembo setup no less.

More updates on the car should come relatively soon as tests near the end but unfortunately no actual data is available on the power of this gorgeous car. We do know that the 4.3 liter Ferrari V8 now has a new exhaust and a new ECU which should deliver quite a bit of extra kick.