If you are excited about the idea of buying your first car, but you have no idea about cars and you are nervous about the decision to choose one that you will not regret, below is a list of fundamental aspects that you have to review before making the decision.

Define your needs

What do you need the car for? How long do you plan on having it? Evaluate your lifestyle and the conditions in which you will use the car. It’s not worth buying a sports car or a Jeep if you’re going to use them in a city; for a city it’s more useful to buy a compact car. However, if you want the car to go on a trip from time to time, then you might want a truck with a large trunk; the truck can also be used as a bed when you have nowhere to stay.

Characteristics of the car

Given your needs, you must define what do you need in your car, which aspects do you give more priority to? Compare between different cars what is most important to you.

• Size
• Automatic or standard
• Electrical or mechanical system
• Fuel consumption
• Safety: air bag and type of brakes
• Air conditioning, stereo, computer and video
• Maintenance costs: some models are more expensive or cheaper to maintain depending on the brand and its accessories.
• Cost of insurance:

Your budget

for the purchase of your car. Analyze your income, expenses and savings and calculate how much money you can spend per month: first to save for the down payment and then to pay the monthly installments of a credit.

Keep in mind that the real cost of a car also includes secondary expenses: insurance, maintenance, gasoline, checks, parking, etc. If you don’t take those aspects into account, at the end of the month, your wallet will suffer a lot from those expenses.

Decide the type of car you want: a new car or a used car

New car

If you want to buy a new car it is important to ask yourself the reasons why you prefer it this way: maybe because you know that it will be in perfect condition and you will have a guarantee or because you want your car to last for many years. Your reasons are valid.

Used car or secondhand

If you opt for a used car because your budget is smaller or because you will only use it for a short period of time, we recommend you to search with private sellers through internet pages, prestigious second-hand establishments, in the classified section of newspapers or in the section of semi-new cars of car agencies. It is recommended that the car you buy is between 2 and 5 years old.

Finally, try the car and check that it moves without any problem, with smoothness and without strange noises. Try the brakes and the different speeds. Ensure that you feel comfortable with the car you are buying.

If you want to buy a used car, .

Be sure to carefully review all legal documents

Before making a decision, it is important that you consider the terms of the contracts. It is very important to ask about the CAT (Total Annual Cost) and ask yourself how much you could pay per month. Read the small print on the purchase contract carefully. There are many people who end up in debt, even when the car is no longer functional because they didn’t think through the total cost of their car and let themselves be carried away by the emotion.

Ask the dealers if you can negotiate other types of payment plans. Before you close the deal, make sure you understand all the terms and conditions.