The Toyota Japanese based automaker has recently launched a teaser video with the FT-1 Vision Concept, trying to preview the debut of the model in the Gran Turismo 6 video game.

The world`s most famous video game, Gran Turismo, is now ready to add up the FT-1 Vision Concept to the hot supercars list, but the automaker is trying to tease its fans with a short video revealing parts of the car.

Toyota FT-1 Vision Concept
Toyota FT-1 Vision Concept

To be a reminder, the Toyota FT-1 Vision Concept is the little brother of the FT-1 Concept, first unveiled at the 2014 North American International Auto Show.

We are talking about a successor of the Concept, which is the FT-1 Vision Concept, which will follow the FT-HS and the LF-LC, also performed by CALTY Design.

The Toyota FT-1 Vision Concept will be sporting a much more aggressive design, a wraparound windshield, minimalistic design inside and other features that would make it look like the GT86.

There are also rumors stating that the Toyota FT-1 Vision Concept would announce the successor of the Supra model, but we should expect a confirmation from the Japanese carmaker first.