A Toyota GT86 model has recently managed to set a drifting world record on a specially improvised track, the sport car being able to hit 145 km/h when travelling sideways.

The event was also caught on a video, so if you want a fast drifting session with the Toyota GT86, just hit the play button and you`re on your way.

Toyota GT86 Sets Drifting World Record
Toyota GT86 Sets Drifting World Record

The Toyota GT86 managed to go sideways for around 2 hours and 25 minutes, with famous drifter Harald Muller behind the wheels.

The drifting took place in Samsun, Turkey, with the drifter completing 612 laps on a wet circuit. Some of you might state that the drifting was a cheater, but it was not what the Guinness Book thought of.

The former drifting world record was set by a BMW M5 model, travelling 83 km sideways, in South Carolina, United States, just last year.

Enjoy the short video with the Toyota GT86 setting a drifting world record.