With the global warming affecting our environment and destroying the world around us, more and more carmakers are trying to build future environmentally-friendly vehicles that would stop the disastrous process.

In this sense, the Japanese based Toyota carmaker is planning to introduce the first bus running on hydrogen, at the beginning of 2017. This means that it will be equipped with a huge battery pack, way too bigger than those used by Tesla for the Model S.

This represents the carmaker`s effort of using the hydrogen as “a powerful source of energy for the future,” equipping its future buses, along with the developing of fuel cell forklifts and stationary fuel cells used at homes.

Toyota plans to introduce up to 100 fuel cell buses by 2020, each one coming with ten high-pressure tanks holding up to 600 liters of hydrogen, producing an impressive capacity charge of 235 kWh, which will be sent to two AC synchronous electric motors. This will provide a total power of 226 kW, enough to transport 77 passengers, adding the driver as well.

The buses will not be used only for transportation purposes and will act as the perfect rides for emergency situations, acting as high-capacity external power sources, with a 9 kW current, being used to power “evacuation sites such as school gymnasiums, or [in the event of a blackout], its electricity can also be harnessed for home electric appliance use.”

The new fuel cell busses come with the right prices, the Japanese government planning to spend up to $6 billion to completely change its entire transport infrastructure before the 2020 Olympics. You can find the full specs with the carmaker`s fist hydrogen buss in the media gallery below!