This is the kind of story I’d never want to write about. But I’ll do it anyway. It involves a truck and (some say) 9 supercars. Oh, and an overturn.

Once upon a time (at the end of the last week, to be more precise), near Paris, a truck transporting 9 supercars crashed. The (probably over) half a million dollars incident happened on a road part connecting A12 and A13 highways.

It wasn’t any press release from France police up to this moment, but local press didn’t write about any injury. We couldn’t spot more than 5 supercars all over the road, on the film caught by a driver: there are a white and an orange Lamborghini Gallardo (each $182,000 new, base price), a red Ferrari F430 ($187,000), a blue Ford Mustang GT500 (under $60,000) and a black Porsche 911 (which, judging by the rear wing, rims and body kit seems to be a 997.1 GT3 RS). If it’s a GT3 RS (though the decals indicates a Carrera S), it was probably about $180,000 new.

There are some information about a Porsche Cayman ($53.000), but nothing is for sure. By looking at the pictures, it doesn’t seem that the cars suffered irreparable damages. We also believe they were ensured, but there will be some investigations, as we look at lot of money mess.