It was a Scion model, but now it became a Toyota. The former Scion FR-S is now the Toyota 86 and will be first displayed at 2016 New York International Auto Show. You’ll find it in dealerships starting this fall.

So practically, the FR-S and GT86 merged, transforming into a simpler-named 86. What features other than the name does it bring new? It shows a more aggressive style, thanks to the LED headlamps (which incorporate the “86” logo) and the larger radiator grille. The bumper’s design has been also revised, to emphasize the body’s low and wide aspect. Moving to the side, we find new wheels, with twisted spoke design, while other “86” logos can be found on the front fenders. In the rear, the bumper was also revised, while the tail lights are now LED-type.

Onboard, a new soft material called Grandlux surrounds the instrument panel and wraps the door trim. More, a new material for the seats and a new steering wheel with integrated audio controls ensure a more engaging drive. Thrilling news about the performance improvements, too: the suspension has been retuned, adding more stability to the already stabile sports car. A slight increase of power and torque, to 205 hp and 156 lb-ft, combined with different gear ratio add extra punch.

Another important presence is the C-HR concept. The name says all about the car: it comes from Compact High Ride. It’s built on the new TNGA platform, with benefits over the low center of gravity and increased rigidity. In spite of its height, it is a great urban car and it will enter the production line later this year.