G-Power tuner is still coming back into our attention in different tuning projects, the latest one showcasing an E90 BMW M3 pushing the metal to the pedal and reaching 340 km/h in a blasting time.

This means that the model comes equipped with the G-Power SK II Club Sport supercharger kit, which raises the car`s power from 420 horsepower to 630 horsepower. The torque has also been raised from 400 Nm of torque to a whopping 590 Nm of torque.

The amount of power cannot be handled without the car`s seven-speed DCT gearbox, which allows the model reach 340 km/h in a second. Well, not quite in a seconds, but it is pretty fast anyway.

The video below is showcasing the E90 BMW M3`s impressive top speed of 340 km/h, achieved on Germany`s Autobahn, that one-off highway where you can get your car and knock yourself down.

It seems that G-Power has begun a love affair with BMW models, as we have recently seen some high-end models receiving their complete tuning programs. The last models to get their share of power are the 6-Series Gran Coupe or the M2 Coupe.

Now it is high-time we saw the E90 BMW M3 taking its piece of the action in the video below! Enjoy the ride and don’t forget to share your impressions with us! Would you take your M3 for some impressive makeovers from G-Power?