BMW released an app for those of us who want to stay in touch with its Museum’s exhibitions, or just virtually visit it. It is addressed to the Apple and Android OS users and it’s completely free of charge. Could this be a dedication for Mercedes, with love?

Featuring seven languages, this app allows the users taking interactive tours by visiting the “sheer driving pleasure”. The users can preview important moments in BMW history and also historical models, being guided at each step for an enhanced experience. Moving through the rooms, the visitors get explanations about specific cars or departments they’re visiting, in German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian and Chinese. Therefore, we can imagine the app’s main purpose: to be freely accessed by a wide range of users. Speaking of users, even the children and the non-car fans will find it engaging, since it was designed to meet the needs of all visitors’ category. More, if while navigate, you’ll find interesting things, you can share them on the social media sites, thanks to a special app feature.

The BMW museum hosts over 120 exhibits from past, present and studies which could become reality in the future. It is established near the BMW headquarters and spreads on about 5.000 square meters, being divided in seven departments. However, using the BMW Museum App doesn’t necessarily require visiting all of them. You can specifically chose the themed houses that you want to visit, while a map takes care not to get lost in the large museum. You can choose to see only vehicles from certain decades, or departments like design or motor sport.