The upcoming 2017 Geneva Motor Show is going to be a real heaven for lots of start-up companies that will have the chance of displaying their new and evolutionary concepts.

One of these companies was founded by Robert Palm, a well-known designer from Switzerland and Poul Sohl, a businessman from Denmark, and who presented a futuristic all-electric concept designed to compete against the most powerfull ones found in the market today.

The model bears the company`s name Elextra, and was launched in the first teaser images just ahead the 2017 Geneva Motor Show. From the shape of it, it will be a highly-futuristic four-door model, with four seats, and an impressive electric powertrain under the hood.

Speaking of the all-electric car`s design, the company`s representatives have also stated in a recent interview:

“The idea behind Elextra is to combine pure lines reminding of the most exciting Italian supercars of the past, whilst being resolutely forward looking thanks to its low, sleek and beautiful design, paired with today`s most advanced technology.”

Performance wise, the Elextra is set to come with an extremely powerful electric drivetrain which would blow away its competitors (the Tesla Model S P100d) with a sprint from 0 to 100 km/h done in less than 2.3 seconds.

The Elextra all-electric is also going to be built in Germany, “by one of the world`s leading companies specialized in low-volume manufacturing, with the highest quality imaginable.” The future model will be built in a first series of 100 units, with the full details and prices to be revealed in Geneva.