Driving is something that most people do daily. As one drives in city or town traffic on any day, one can hear various noises from their own or another vehicle. If that happens to you, you know you are in trouble!

If you are searching for Car Repair Manuals for your automobile, Chilton and Haynes are likely to be your first choices, which both cost money. However, with the Internet now available, drivers or owners have the opportunity to use the Internet to research symptoms, problems, and procedures related to their automobile for free – something YOUCANIC can provide!

Here, we will talk about how Chilton, Haynes, and YOUCANIC differ from each other.


Chilton Manuals are written for technically oriented audiences. Most of the information is written rather than being illustrated or graphed. So for you able to understand it, you might need to have basic knowledge already.

But this manual is not just for professionals, unlike others are saying. Even with basic automotive knowledge, you can still do the job.

For instance, as a Jeep owner, I can tell that Chilton Manual is my best resource for year-specific nuances. For example, the book “Jeep CJ 1945-70,” highlights the simplicity of the vehicles.

Whether you are a Do-It-Yourselfer or an expert, Chilton provides detailed maintenance, service, and repair instructions in an easy-to-follow format. Among the three manuals, this manual is the best reference in terms of technical accuracy.

Another interesting fact about Chilton Repair Manuals is that they use complete teardowns and rebuilds of the vehicle to provide the most accurate information possible.


Although the Chilton Manual covers all the information I needed for repairs, I tend to turn to the Haynes Manual first now that I have both books.

While Chilton Manual’s information is written, Haynes Manual provides visual examples.

To sum it up, Haynes Repair Manuals are more visual and comprehensive, which is a big plus!

The Haynes Manual, for instance, would be the best option for audiences. Haynes Manual is designed more for DIYers. This manual would be more appropriate for someone planning to fix their car during their free time and may need some assistance, rather than going to a professional mechanic.

Here’s another interesting fact, Haynes purchased Chilton in 2001. So, Chilton is now owned by Haynes.


While the Auto Repair Manuals from Chilton and Haynes cost money, in YOUCANIC, you only need an Internet connection!

Doesn’t that sound convenient?

YOUCANIC holds the biggest advantage among the three auto repair manuals since their website is free to access.

It is a user-friendly website that offers articles on why problems occur in your car, step-by-step instructions on how to repair your car, and how to avoid those problems. The articles provide detailed information, including actual photos, job difficulty, accurate repair time, and an honest repair cost estimate.

Just like Haynes, YOUCANIC is also applicable for DIYers, experts, and even beginners. It provides easy written instructions, but the site also offers video tutorials for more straightforward demonstrations!

You can register for free if you wish to ask questions and gain full access to the site. Just search for articles by vehicle make and model.

Also, YOUCANIC has similarities to Chilton. They also tear down the vehicles for accurate information about how-to instructions.

As of today, YOUCANIC has published over 1,000 free articles!


I find the most useful and convenient. Aside from being free, it’s easier to access and has simple how-to guides and step-by-step instructions. But, of course, it may not be the same for everyone.

If you’re into workshop service manuals, then maybe Chilton Manual is the right for you.

Haynes Manual is also great because diagrams are a great way to learn.

The content of these three manuals is of high quality. So, trying these three is okay. Plus, your preference may even change as time goes by!