“Fiat 500 Thousandth” is a special version of the little Italian model that will be built to celebrate the 500,000 units sold so far. Fiat officials will begin on May 3, a new project dedicated to 500, a model which was sold in 500,000 copies in 31 months after launch. To celebrate this impressive amount, the Italian manufacturer will create a special version which they named “Fiat 500 Thousandth”.

Fiat 500

The body of the car will be covered with 1,500 photos of Fiat 500 owners, of celebrities or or fans who have helped in various ways, the success of the Italian model. If you want to join the campaign, check the Fiat 500’s official site.

Within this site, Fiat 500 owners can upload pictures with their car and attach a short text that describes the relationship between them and the Italian model. After collecting the information will be completed, Fiat workers will need three weeks to complete the project, following the special version of the Fiat 500 to make its appearance in many car events that will follow.