According to a recent report done be Reuters it would seem that the Swedish Government has a few quarrels to settle with the newly seated owner of SAAB.

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The Swedish maker of airplanes cars of great aerodynamics has had a few debts to pay off and it would seem that other than the recent costs of actually buying the troubled company, the new owner, Spyker will have to write off a bill from the Government as well.

The bill I’m talking about, which is the same bill the Swedish government is trying to liquidate is worth roughly $15.9 million and represents the cost of paying the employees’ salaries while the company was transitioning between owners. The due date of that bill was September 20th and the Government doesn’t take kindly to non payers.

Both SAAB and Spyker have claimed in the past that they shouldn’t be the only ones to bear the cost of these bills but it would seem that the Swedish Government don’t really agree with that situation.

According to Spyker CEO, Mr. Victor Muller, the issue is nothing more than a legal dispute and that it will be handled through the appropriate channels. While he was making this claim, the Swedish Government would leave the matter in the hands of its official debt collector.