Car owners are required to have valid and appropriate insurance for their vehicles which is mandarin to drive on the roads. At times, the only option available is to take out day insurance. This is a temporary coverage that is sure to be of great help. It is illegal to drive on the streets without proper insurance. Hence the correct policy needs to be availed.

There might arise a situation where the person might borrow a friend’s vehicle. In such a case, he/she will have to add own name to the owner’s insurance as named driver. However, it can be real expensive for if the car is needed for couple of days only. Moreover, if the person is to face an unfortunate accident, then he/she is likely to lose out on no claims discount. The person may already have fully comprehensive coverage for another car, with ‘driving other cars’ extra on the policy. But it is likely to offer only 3rd party coverage and sure not to be a good solution. Since it does not come included with most polices, the person cannot assume of being covered to drive on someone’s car. It is wise to take out day insurance, if full coverage benefits are to be derived, but without having to pay an annual policy charge.

About one day coverage

Such insurance coverage options are termed to be just ideal to be taken if a car is to be used for very short time period, like borrowing family member’s or friend’s car just for a day or to travel in a group driving another person’s car.

The coverage will depend upon the company preferred and vehicle type that is to be insured. It is available for motorhomes, vans and cars and is similar to an annual policy. These are fully comprehensively covered temporary policies, meaning, the person is adequately insured for damages, any caused to the vehicle while driving. It also means, if an accident takes place and claim is made, whosoever owns the vehicle is not likely to lose his/her no claims discount.

The one day vehicle policy does offer 24 hour coverage, which can be extended for about 28 days (a month). In case, much longer coverage period is desired, then annual policy is to be availed and cancel it upon completion of using the vehicle. Care should be taken in this approach, as policy cancellation does invite some money.

Such temporary policy is found to be very convenient and much cheaper when compared to changing the existing car insurance. Besides, if there arises a situation to make claims after collision or accident, then no claims discount of own annual policy is not affected.

What situations require using of 24 hour insurance coverage

  • Moving home
  • Borrowing friend or family member’s car to go out
  • Visiting family and friends, but not owning a car
  • Test driving new car
  • Having classic car and requiring to run it occasionally to ensure functional engine
  • Hiring car

Therefore, above are few of the situations, where one day insurance coverage can be of help. Hence, it does make sense to from a reputed provider.