Despite forecasts of unprofitability for the electric segment, the Bavarians over at BMW are going after the segment and they’re going at it strong.

BMW Megacity preview
BMW Megacity preview

After announcing a production version of the BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics the company management just announced a plan to invest a whopping sum in their Leipzig plant.

The Leipzig plant will be the birthplace of the BMW Megacity EV. By the time the BMW Megacity EV enters production sometime in 2013 the Leipzig plant will see investments of around 400 million euros. That’s the equivalent of around 561 million dollars.

According to BMW, as a result of this investment in the Leipzig plant there will be 1.000 new jobs created. Also according to BMW claims, the choice of producing their most advanced model in Leipzig is proof of the company’s belief in Germany being a high-tech location.

Team this investment with the one BMW made in the joint venture with SGL Group to manufacture carbon fiber components for BMW models including the Megacity Vehicle the total bill for the tiny electric city car to an impressive $744 million.

Maybe I’m wrong but I reckon that if BMW is investing this much in something “unprofitable” they stand to make a lot of money out of the Megacity over long term.