Camping in the car can make the trip lightweight and simple. Sleeping in the car at the campsite may feel ludicrous but actually, it is not. It can be much more glamorous if one is having the right vehicle. The experience in car camping can combine many activities, wether it’s reading, boardgames, or entertainment on .

Sleep with Head Towards Front of the Car

The flat places are always preferred for car parking on a campsite, but they cannot always be available in the remote areas, and on the windy forest service roads. So, in such places make sure that the head is above the feet. Generally, it will give the more elbow room as in most of the cars, the wheel wells are present at the back, which takes up precious space.

Be Prepared with the Essentials

For sleeping in the car at the campsite, keep all the electronics charged, as it can be a big challenge on the road. , or the portable power device to keep the tablet, camera, and phone charged during the trip. After sleeping in the car on the campsite, one will wake up with the apatite, so keep the camp kitchen checklist for selecting the necessary utensils and food to bring to the adventure site. Keep all the food secured in the car.

Invest in A Comfortable Bed

The most important step for sleeping in the car is that there is no need to carry the bed on the back. So, one can easily splurge on the heavier pillows, blankets, and cushier mats. The use of plush air mattresses can be comfortable like the comfort of a bed at the home. One can take the compact camping pillow or full-size pillow. The most important thing is that just like the camp can get cold at the night, the same can happen to the car also, so an insulated blanket such as a temperature-rated sleeping bag, or Rumple should be taken to use at night.

Open A Window of Car for Enough Ventilation

Due to breathing all night in the car, the windows can get fog up and will collect the unwanted moisture. Ventilation is the key to reduce or minimize this issue. So, the opening of the sunroof and window is recommended. If the window is to be opened then make sure that it is wide enough to avoid the entry of animals or other persons. A cheap mesh can also be applied by cutting it in the 2-3 wider inches than the opening of windows. Collect the little moisture-absorbing packets for stashing with the gear. Try to dry the clothes up to the maximum before going to sleep in the car. Also, it is a good approach to keep the squeegee in the car for wiping down the windows in the morning.


Waking up and finding that someone is looking at you is just a scary thing. So, select a place that is safe and comfortable. Use some fabric or a pack towel to block the window, so that people cannot stare at you. Generally, push your belongings on the backside, on the rear window area, and the dashboard and give the allusion that the car is fully packed by filling the interior. More about car camping