It doesn’t take a serious brainwave to realize that the Swedish at Saab aren’t exactly having their best period for sales and profits.

Saab Logo
Saab Logo

In fact, tense is how many would describe the situation. Even so, Saab may have gotten a bit of a breath of fresh air thanks to a recent deal.

The recent deal involves the Swedish counterpart and China Automobile Trading Co. Ltd. If you haven’t heard of the latter don’t be ashamed because while it shifts cars by the boatload it’s only really popular in China.

Back to Saab, the new deal will enable them to enter and sell vehicles on the largest car market the world has to offer. As part of Saab’s plan to shift about 120.000 units globally by 2012 the entry into China’s market is essential.

Since there’s still some distance to cover by 2012 we’ve been told that Saab plans to sell somewhere between 2.000 and 5.000 cars per year to start with.

Once the initial targets are met, they will be gradually raised up to 50.000 units. That change should help Saab get back on the road to a serious recovery.