When we think of Subaru, most of us think Impreza WRX Sti, turbo, rally stuff but the real side of Subaru is actually the boring part. They are a Japanese manufacturer that makes reliable, nicely put together cars that don’t really have a lot of things interesting enough to make you go “wow”.

Subaru Celena Sports Sedan Concept
Subaru Celena Sports Sedan Concept

Anyway, the situation is the way it is for marketing, commercial reasons and other stuff that are dictated by corporate “laws”. On the other hand of the story we have stuff like what’s in the pictures shown here is a concept car which is completely, well, wow.

The creator of the Subaru Celeno Sports Sedan Concept is a man named Xuacu Pérez Quesada and what’s special about him rather than somebody doing renders on a PC out of boredom (most likely cause they own a Subaru) is that he is a full fledged car designer. Also, his previous life experience in this field includes attaining an internship with the famous Italdesign and an M.A. in Transportation Design from the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia.

An impressive resume I’d say, and looking at the pictures of the Celeno Sports Sedan I’d say Mr. Quesada has “written” quite an impressive letter of intent.

Seeing how the concept at hand doesn’t really identify with the Subaru brand i’d say it’s time for Fuji Heavy Industries should really take into consideration hiring this man and actually getting to making a high end sports saloon the likes of which can tackle the Porsche Panamera tech and the Mercedes CLS’s elegant look.

I mean just look at that frowning front fascia, the colored side panels, those wheels (I’d be completely mesmerized if I saw them at low speed) and those backlight-hugging tail lights how much would you welcome that on your Subaru?

Subaru Celena Sports Sedan Concept Subaru Celena Sports Sedan Concept Subaru Celena Sports Sedan Concept