Being able to rely on your car to consistently traverse large spans of distance each year in varying weather and seasonal conditions is important. Whether you push your car each year through snow, heavy rain, freezing temperatures, gravel/dirt, or a hot humid day, there are a number of things that you can do to help your car stay in fighting form for the longest amount of time possible.

Self-Inspect your Car Regularly

Your car has a lot of complex systems that collaborate to provide a reliable motor vehicle; the good news is that checking up on your car and helping it stay active can be quick and easy. The staff at remind us that checking the Oil and other fluids is easy yet very important. These fluids make sure that components work smoothly to help decrease the chances and effects of wear and tear over time. The engine oil, in particular, should be checked and replaced in a timely fashion which will extend its life significantly. Other things to check include tire treads and pressure to improve gas mileage and strain on your tires, brake pad wear down, and air filters to help circulate air in your car’s systems. All of these checks can be done pretty quickly and with the help of your owner’s manual to figure out how to correctly do them. Make sure to keep in touch with your local mechanic, to help you check up on your car periodically and take care of repairs sooner to help extend your car’s life.

Read Through the Owner’s Manual

Each car is designed and engineered to run as efficiently and effectively as possible based on how it is constructed and which parts are tasked to help get the job done. The is a lock and key scenario where it will contain valuable information that is specific to your car alone. Giving a read-through of your car will help give you an inclination of when to have your car serviced and how to check your car’s vital systems. The manual will also include a lot of useful information as to what type of materials the car needs to function properly, including wiper blade size, oil type and amounts, tire pressure ranges, and more.

Keep a Clean Car

The exterior and interior of the car is an important aspect both in resale value as well as the overall lifetime of a car. The exterior paint job does a lot more than what you see on the surface; with worn out or scratched paint, corrosive chemicals and materials can start to chip and rust away at your car’s frame. and parking in the shade actually plays a significant factor in lengthening a car’s exterior lifetime, helping to remove deposits of dirt and corrosive materials while protecting from the outdoor elements as well. Keeping a car’s interior clean also can help, where dust buildup and smells can stain and hinder air filtration systems and cause the upholstery to deteriorate over time. Periodically giving your car a good cleaning will help make the driving experience more enjoyable while also improving its lifetime.

Have a Smooth Start to Each Drive

Every engine in a car has an optimal operating temperature, and when things are too hot/cold, the engine and car systems can put more strain on each other and work less optimally. If you can, try to group together short errands all together in one trip, allowing your engine to stay relatively close and not become completely cooled down and stagnant. Smoothly accelerating helps ease your car into a drive and reach that desirable operating temperature effectively. Accelerating and braking too rapidly will also cause more strain on your system overall, taxing your drivetrain and engine reducing its lifespan. Driving the speed limit on highways allows for the engine to operate optimally, both staying close in temperature to the desired range and also getting the most out of your car’s fuel economy.

Taking care of your car on a regular basis will leave your car happy and running smoothly. Doing inspections yourself and cleaning your car will allow you to better know the inner workings and become familiar with what it needs, so when something needs some extra attention, you can pick up on it and have your car taken care of sooner rather than later. With some extra time and consistent care, you can help your car stay in a fit form on the road for longer.