How long does your car last before something breaks down? Most people have no idea. The average vehicle lasts between 7-10 years, but the reality is that your car isn’t going to last forever. Have you ever wondered why cars cost so much? Why do they break early? Here is an article with the ways to make your car last longer.

Maintain Your Car’s Battery

The battery in a car can be the lifeblood of your vehicle. Without good batteries, you can expect your engine and other electrical components to shut off while driving. If there are any signs that your battery might need to be replaced, it is best to get it checked out. You’ll want to check if there is a fluid that needs to be replaced or if there are leaks at the terminals. These changes will prolong the life of your battery for many more miles. Did you know at you can win money that can help you to save for your car maintenance.

Change Oil Regularly

Changing the oil should happen as soon as possible every 3 months. This helps reduce wear on various parts and keeps everything running smoothly. It also helps eliminate the possibility of water entering the engine which could cause a problem if it gets too wet. It is important to keep this aspect under control because the oil contains a lot of tiny particles and if these are not removed from your engine properly, the engine may eventually burn up.

Check brakes and Tire Pressure

Many people don’t know how often they should be checking their brakes. For example, you should check them once a month if you drive around 60 miles each day. Make sure they are working well by pressing firmly against the brake pedal. Also, ensure that the tires are inflated correctly. If one side feels lower than the other, then you should have them rotated. These two simple things can help you avoid costly repairs!


Carrying out some preventative maintenance will help extend the life of your car and save the money you win from . Take advantage of these tips to keep your car running smoothly and effectively for a longer period!