So, you want to protect your car. But where exactly do you start? That’s where this guide comes in. Here we will cover the three main options on the market today. The positives, the negatives, and whether they will be right for you. On the market today are three main coating products. Wax, hybrid coatings, and ceramic coatings.

So first, lets look at . Your typical car wax is made up primarily of Carnauba wax. Usually with a few additives for various effects depending on the product. This is typically the cheapest option, and can be easily self-applied. Giving your car some TLC with wax is basically a tradition in motoring enthusiast circles. The main downside is that a wax typically does not last long. Most recommend reapplying a wax once every three months on average. But this is just an average, and will depend on the conditions that you drive in. Along with which wax you use, as not all are made equal. If you are looking for an option that is lighter on the wallet, and don’t mind some of the extra work, then this is the option for you.

Onyx Coating

The next option is a bit of a newcomer to the market, the . These coatings provide excellent protection from most of the day-to-day wear that your car would expect to face. They are a midpoint between wax and a ceramic coating. As such they have a lot of the benefits of both, but still have their own downsides. Some of the positives include being hydrophobic, letting water easily bead and sheet off. As well as giving your car a glossy finish. But depending on your choice of product and driving conditions they tend to last between three months to a year, and need reapplication. They also usually are not as effective against scratches or UV as a full ceramic coating. If you are looking for an option where your car gets that bit of extra protection with a bit less maintenance, then this is for you. It makes a good time saver, and is lighter on the wallet.

The last is the . Still a relative newcomer to the market, these products have a lot to give. They form a hard and durable layer over the paint of your car, and can provide excellent protection from scratches, UV, water, chemical damage, all with a highly glossy finish and lasting between five to ten years. In the current market, they are the last word in protection of your vehicle. However, that protection does come at a cost. Because the process is heavily labour intensive it can cost north of a thousand depending on the dealer. Where there are some DIY options for the average enthusiast which will bring the cost down significantly, they usually do not last as long as one that is professionally applied. If you are willing to pay that price, or if you have the experience as a detailer, and you want to give your car the royal treatment, then this is the option for you.

Hopefully this helped to breakdown the options on the market, and make the decision easier for you. Coatings are a great way to protect your car, but as with anything, you need to pick one that is right for you.