Audi’s advertisers came up with a pretty interesting way of promoting one of the brands foundations, the Quattro all wheel drive system.

Audi Quattro Logo
Audi Quattro Logo

What they did, they being communications company Lowe Roche, is stick hundreds of 1:43 scale Audi quattro models to metal surfaces as part of an ad campaign by the Inglostadters just outside the locations of the Toronto International Film Festival.

The models include the scaled down versions of the Audi R8 coupe and the convertible, the Q5 SUV and TT.

When asked about the campaign, Geoffrey Roche, company founder and chairman of Lowe Roche had a statement that befits a true adman as he said he wanted to prove to people just how good the Quattro system is and that the desired effect was to come from people feeling it themselves.

How they went about their business is quite simple as the models had been fitted with strong magnets and stuck to lamp posts, newspaper boxes and pretty much anything with metal in them, passers-by were encouraged to remove the die-cast models and take them home with them. The catch being that they were a bit of a bother to take and that underneath there was a sticker that reads “Nothing sticks like quattro.”

The video below is worth checking out.