You know how it feels, right? Being enthusiastic about a new car that you don’t even know much about. The worst part is that the brand keeps pushing your curiosity until it becomes annoying and you truly want to find out about the real deal. Well, this is exactly what Audi has been doing to us lately. I’m sure you’ve heard of the e-Tron Quattro concept.

Even though e-Tron Quattro is said to be present at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show that’s taking place soon, we don’t know much about this new model. Yet, we do have something to show you. It’s not about the technical details – we wish it were, though. It’s about the design.

So the design of e-Tron Quattro will certainly get your attention. It may not seem outstanding, but it is different from what SUVS used to look like – in a good way. The good news is that parts of this new appearance will go to the next electric Audi models from now on.

If you look at the sketches, you will notice the e-Tron Quattro has an aerodynamic form. It will offer lots of improved mechanisms, such as screens that recognize hand gestures and a floating center console.

However, details are still missing, so we’re excited to find out more. One thing that’s worth mentioning here is the power of the electric motor. Apparently, the e-Tron Quattro will go up to 500 horsepower.