In recent years, after serious financial issues, the British at Jaguar have been so plucky they actually managed to stay alive.

Jaguar Grille
Jaguar Grille

Their existence may have a lot to do with a relatively long list of owners but still, Jaguar managed to live thanks to another thing.

Apart from British resilience and outside help, the Jaguar brand has stayed alive by thinking laterally and offering products that would have otherwise been deemed unapropriate.

This is how we first saw a diesel engine in a Jaguar. This is also how we first saw a four wheel drive system in a Jaguar and even an Estate version.

Since the recipe worked before, Jaguar is at it again. This time they’re pondering offering an estate version of the XF. Beg your pardon, Jaguar is considering a station wagon version of the XF.

That’s more like it.

Apart from this proposal which makes me take no notice whatsoever it seems that the Brits are considering a Jaguar crossover. In fact the Jaguar crossover is so well under consideration that the problem is not whether or not to approve a design for it but rather a production version of it.

My guess is that Jaguar will just borrow some of the knowledge their Land Rover “brother” has and create a relative of the Range Rover Evoque.