Before getting a driving license every person has to pass through many tests. There are many things that they have to do to prepare for theory and practical tests. Before practical exams, a theory test is important. If by any chance, the candidate is unfortunate and cannot pass the theory test, they aren’t allowed for the practical test. Therefore, as a beginner, it is wise to undergo all handbooks related to road rules and traffic signs to stay knowledgeable.

Driving Knowledge is an online website that educates drivers about laws that govern the road. They update recently passed laws keeping the public aware of it. The process of obtaining a driving license is different in every state, but Driving Knowledge helps in guiding candidates to obtain a license in each state. When you , ensure to go through their driving tips, and practice permit tests to prepare well.

A driving license can be achieved after passing theory and practical tests. However, one cannot start the practical test if they don’t have a theory test pass number. Still, there are no specific rules for passing theory tests before starting driving lessons. Some instructors prefer that you take few driving lessons before the theory test so that you get some real-life experience of the road. This helps in answering theory questions better.

The best way of excelling in theory test at the first attempt is by revising your handbooks properly and also by practicing various mock theory tests. There are various websites online that provide practice papers. These papers are provided by some of the candidates who have been through the driving test.

Benefits of Practicing Theory test?

• The practice papers contain rules and regulations of driving, it contains legal issues like speed limits, road signs meaning, changing lanes, right ways, etc. it increases your knowledge on various hazardous situations and helps in building confidence.

• Solving sample papers gives assurance that you’ll pass on the first attempt. It is better to go prepared for a test than shaking with nervousness a day before the theory test.

Tips to help on the day of the theory test

• Reach early on the D-day, because you may have not been to the center before and it will take time to gather courage and look for rooms for the test.

• Don’t forget to carry your photo card driving license on the theory test day. You will not be able to sit for the test if you don’t carry it, but you will still have to pay for the test fee.

• You will get some time to get used to the touch screen and the layout of questions. Take your time to understand and if you find something wrong don’t hesitate to ask.

• Take the test patiently, if you can’t answer a question, skip to the next one, you can always come back to this question later, but let’s not waste time on it now.

A series of online practice papers help in familiarizing yourself with the format, style, of questions, and the type of answers the examiner expects. Practicing these papers not only gives you an idea about the real test but also builds confidence in a candidate.